Hawaiian golf

Dive into paradise at the Hawaii Golf Course

When it comes to beauty and excitement, there are some things that can suit the thrill of playing a round of golf at one of the best golf courses in Hawaii. All layouts are different and will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. Mild climate, sunny days and calm ocean breezes make the Hawaiian golf experience an unforgettable trip to Paradise.

In the air, the blue sky is clear, and as you look in every other direction, you are treated to magnificent scenery that includes turquoise Pacific waters, towering volcanoes and lush rainforests. No matter where you choose to play your 18 holes, you are sure to discover special features that will attract your attention and interest. Golf has been lifted to new heights in Hawaii and these fantastic adventures are now waiting for you on the island of your choice.

You can plan a golfing vacation in Hawaii and rest assured of a new and challenging course every day. Each course creates a unique experience that is sure to become one of your most cherished "getaway" memories. A little investigation of Hawaiian golf courses will allow you to customize your golf dates and locations to suit your taste and playing style. There are courses for everyone from beginners to professionals, and you can even sign up for lessons if you need to follow your style. It can be very tedious to ship sports equipment to Hawaii, but you can only leave your clubs at home and rent everything you need in professional shops.

Makaha West Stadium, the highest golf course on Oahu Island, is part of the Makaha Resort and Golf Club. This site first opened 40 years ago, and today it is still recognized as one of the best golf experiences in Hawaii. The course challenges come second after spectacular scenery. Even "Golf Digest" gave Makaha West a respectable gesture by being listed as "Places to Play" in 2002.

For a chance to play on the links that hosted the PGA Grand Slam events, you must head to Kauai Island. This is the home of the legendary Poipu Bay golf course and is one of Robert Trent Jones' finest designs. The ocean winds are refreshing but also contribute to making this site a site that will test your skills to the maximum extent possible. USGA considers this hillside location to be one of the most environmentally sensitive courses in the world. With a previous estimate from "Golf Digest" for being one of the best public tournaments in Aloha State Poipu Bay, all available play times are booked days in advance.

Another Wailea Golf Resort on Maui Island is another popular Hawaii destination for golfers. There are ocean views that can be enjoyed every time it approaches the tee. Families value the friendly atmosphere and relaxing atmosphere of this world-class resort. Private lessons, scratch tournaments, equipment rental and a top-rated golf school make this the perfect place for golf lovers. But even non-golfers in your group will have a lot of guaranteed activities to keep them busy and happy. Among the amenities, there are 5 world-class beaches, resorts, designer boutiques and on-site restaurants for all guests in Wailea to enjoy.