My weekend at Child Hill Help Celebrity Golf Event

On my recent trip to Palm Springs, I had the opportunity to participate in the annual Childhilp Silvestive Golf Contest at Porcupine Creek and the Indian Wells Golf Resort held every January in the California desert.

Being a golfer, my friends and I designed a quadruple role that included actor, producer and soccer star Fred "The Hummer" Williamson for two days of great golf.

On the first day, our group was chosen at the Hyatt Grand Champions Hotel in Indian Wells, where we were moved to the private sector by Oracle founder and billionaire Larry Ellison. This property and a private golf course known as Porcupine Creek is located in Rancho Mirage, opposite the mountain. It is surrounded by the most beautiful reasons I've ever seen. In addition to a private residence of 35,000 feet, the gardens contain four guest houses, the smallest of which is 4,000 feet. Aden.

The second day of golf was played at the Indian Wells Golf Resort at Celebrity Course. Renowned for its well-maintained greenery and tranquil atmosphere, this course is adjacent to the very elaborate IW Club. The club and course of the event were closed, but I realize that it is usually open to the public.

Besides two days of golf, three nights came from parties at the Grand Champions Life Hall. Our wives joined us in these celebrations, and food and entertainment were among the best roles.

The biggest baseball player Johnny Pinch was the first winner of the day that took place over two days, and I had the opportunity to speak with Johnny, who played with his son. Additionally, twenty other celebrities or so were involved in this event, each paired with a different team over two days of golf. Among some of the other celebrities I have seen are Baseball Hall of Fame Steve Garvey, football player and actor Ed Marinaro, lead guitarist Tommy Thayer from Kiss, and dancing with Stars' character Tony Duvolina, actor John All Callahan rock singer Loverboy Mike Reno. Besides the golf awards, there were other honors that extended to those who were huge supporters of ChildHelp.

On the first night, donors such as Ron and Sherry Owen from the Berger Foundation and "Wild Bell" Bill Laughlin were among those congratulated for their hard work and generosity. There were also silent and live auctions that brought many dollars to aid the charity. The highlight of this event is when "Wild Bill" donated $ 100,000 to help build an outdoor entertainment center. It was unbelievable as mouths were dropped and breathless breaths in the generosity that spanned.

As the evening drew to a close, we enjoyed the smooth voices of singer John Cicada along with a variety of bands played last night, giving guests the opportunity to show off their dance moves.

All in all the big time was by my group and you can make sure that this event is on my calendar for the next season.