Golf Weekend in Wales – guide to the best courses


If you are ready to enjoy a golf weekend with your friends or family, you may want to consider going to Wales. The country is full of world-famous golf courses – and you can make the most of the beautiful landscape while practicing the hammock.

Even though Wales' small size – which is only 60 miles and 170 miles wide – you'll be able to discover 200 golf courses here, so you will definitely find many of them that would be perfect for you.

Wherever you spend your time in Wales, it's likely a golf course soon, but with so much to choose from, how do you decide where to spend your weekend in the UK?

Aberystwyth Golf Club

If you want to discover Mid-Wales, you can head to Aberystwyth Golf Club, which has 6,119 yards to explore during the weekend. The 70-foot stadium, designed by Harry Vardon, was built in 1911, and since then it has become one of the most popular courses in the country. This club is ideal if you are traveling with a group of people, some are passionate about golf while others may have never chosen a club before.

At the Aberystwyth Golf Club, you will find a paid 3 games playground, ideal for beginners. Here, they can have a tasting session, enabling them to know whether they will enjoy a game or just a one-time golf tour.

Those who have spent years playing golf in their spare time will also cherish a trip here, with many obstacles spread over many obstacles, providing challenges for your games.

Another reason to visit Aberystwyth Golf Club is its beautiful location. You can walk around the greens and take a tour of Cardigan Bay views, where you can even discover Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire or Snowdonia.

If you spend a few days here, you will also be at hand with a number of amenities in Aberystwyth University City. The golf club offers golf weekend packages, enabling visitors to enjoy the Aberystwyth Golf Experience, which it claims motivates players to return.

Royal St. David Golf Club

For a course that famous athletes have used repeatedly, why not head to Royal St David Golf Club.

This tournament is located in North West Wales and enables players to enjoy watching Harlech Castle while they are playing. The 13th-century fort overlooks green and has a large presence in the course.

However, it's not only the amazing Welsh scene that has seduced people from all over the world to play here, but the fact that Royal St David's Golf Club is one of the best tournaments in Wales.

You can be confident that the standard tournament links will provide you with a sufficient challenge to keep the weekend variety interesting and interesting.

Cardiff Golf Club

Tourists looking to visit Cardiff, the capital of Wales, can combine the weekend golf course and visit the bustling city by spending some time at Cardiff Golf Club. The course, which opened in 1922, contains more than 6000 yards to explore during games, many of which are littered with trees and bunkers. These, along with a small schedule, mean you'll face a number of dangers in the 18-hole course, making your tours more interesting.

The advantage of heading to Cardiff GC is the presence of a modern club full of facilities, including bars and restaurants. However, you will also be close to the city center if you want to go sightseeing or go out in the evening during your trip.

Craigio Golf Course

The Craigiao Golf Course, which opened 25 years ago, is located in Cardiff, southern Wales. During this time, she gained fame for being a prestigious club and earned her the Welsh Golf Club title this year. Players can expect to find gardens covered with water hazards, although there are only a few hills, so you can use all your energy to practice the swing – and avoid those streams and lakes.

With so many golf clubs to visit in Wales, you may want to stay near a different course each time you enjoy a weekend of golf.