Florida Golf Vacations


No wonder Florida has become the golfing capital of the world. With 365 days of sunlight and over 100,000 golf courses, with more construction every year, it caters to all levels of players.

Whether you are bringing your family on vacation or visiting Florida for work, there is always a great time and cycle around to enjoy your favorite game.

Florida offers a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the perfect golf spot for your golf vacation.

For example, Orlando is not home to the largest theme parks in the world, as it is better known than others, but it also houses the best golf courses in Florida in North America and specializes in public and semi-private golf courses.

Generally accepted as a home for the family attraction, Orlando can also proudly refer to its magnificent pool of high-quality golf courses and an almost colossal array of golfing hotels and resorts.

You may want to relax and watch PGA play many golf events all year round in Florida. Or enjoy playing a club on a championship course, like Arnold Palmers Bay Hill Club and Lodge, which is the best of the best and not just when it comes to golf. Enjoy attractive accommodations in a 65-room lodge, luxury spa, salon, fitness center, great pool and tennis courts. Of course, this type of golf is only available where Arnold lives and plays.

Although Bay Hill Club is its own golf course, it has many public golf courses in the area, such as Celebration Golf Club

Celebration Golf Club, designed by the famous father and son team Robert Trent Jones, the father and son are perfect for the whole family

Celebration Golf Club is listed as one of the PGA Magazine Junior Courses. Realizing that serious golf starts early in the game, Celebration offers programs targeting junior golfers, including Celebration Golf Academy with dedicated Junior Clinics and a 3-hole Junior Course.

The Golf Celebration Club was the tournament's site for:

2002 US Senior Open qualifiers

2003 Florida State Links Championship

2004 – 2007 Robert James Celebrating Invitation

2004 and 2005 National Buick Scramble Championship

2006, 2007 and 2008 Finals

You might just want to get around a swing or slide down a slide, then why not visit the Vlado Golf Institute by Marriott. It provides a variety of schools for players of all skill levels. Each site provides a three-day school, a two-day weekend school, a two-day short games school, a full session, a short game session, special education and regular clinics.

At the luxury end of the market, Florida has some of the best properties, and some of the best golf courses the world has to offer. Walled communities comprise luxury villas to Beachfront Condos, with a list of amenities that include tennis, swimming, health clubs and fitness centers.

Whether you're taking your Florida Golf Vacation Ad Hoc package or another package, you'll find something that fits all style and budgets.

See you on the tee.