Five of the best golf resorts in the world


For many golfers, their local golf course is all they need to enjoy their sport. Others may want to travel far to other golf courses to gain experience. Some golfers see the courses offered on TV, whether in tournaments or movies, and one day plan to play them. While many of these courses are difficult to obtain at course times, there are many different courses that you can choose from. Below are 5 top golf resorts ranked by other golfers.

Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina

Pinehurst Resort is one of the most famous American golf resorts where many championships have been played there since it opened in 1895. Since then a total of eight golf courses have been built in the resorts as well as a wealth of other luxury resorts features such as 24 tennis courts, a relaxing spa and many sports Watercolor on the lake too.

Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba Hotel in Brazil

This golf resort is actually located on its own island, where players have to travel from São Paulo, but the trip is definitely worthy of the white sandy beaches, crystal seas and blue skies that provide the perfect backdrop for your golf tour. In addition to golf, the waters surrounding deep sea fishing are world-famous as Swordfish and Marlins are popular for swimming in the area.

Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland

Old Course at St Andrews is popular with golfers as it is the birthplace of golf, and The Dukes Championship is located in St. Andrews. Andrews At Old Course Hotel guests can get guaranteed tour times for any of the courses. The hotel also has many therapeutic features such as color therapy (color therapy) baths, hydrotherapy baths and Japanese steam rooms to help you relax before or after your game.

Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is indeed the ideal holiday destination for relaxation, and the views from the tees above the slopes can be really amazing. Of course Arnold Palmer is determined not to stroll in the park though; with deep valleys, streams and an ape sometimes, the course faces its challenges but playing golf on this site is impressive.

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler in British Columbia

At the other end of the scale, or thermometer, is British Columbia in Canada. The golf resort itself is located at the foot of the ice-covered mountains with currents flowing through the resort and many amazing birds like Golden Eagles and Ospreys. Being a mountainous area, it is ideal for a tough golf course that includes rocky protrusions and uneven golf courses to test even the veteran golf course.