Tonga – Other Hawaii

Wake up the San Francisco Giants fans! You didn't see the Giants land until you were in Tonga. Tongans are known as "gentle giants," but it is not wise to take hospitality for granted wherever you go. The islanders are kind and generous and have a perpetual command of tolerance. Located near the neighboring islands of Fiji in quiet Tonga is a long trip from the US, but worth it. The main island is mostly flat, which makes cycling comfortable. There are locals who can offer cycling tours of the island. For those who like to dance, you can witness a sedentary style of dance. There are often colorful dance competitions between the islands, which are sometimes performed to resolve disputes.

The word Palange literally means "white father," newcomers are often referred to as Palange. Cava is the well-known traditional beverage of gatherings. Cava is a tea made by Cava Root, which can be relentless depending on the method of preparation. Being invited for coffee is a rare treat for men who indulge. The legend of how Kava was supposed to be shared with another conversation.

The white sandy beaches are surrounded by crystal clear water. If you are lucky, you may be invited to a beach gathering where it is common, but you are not required to bring an offer or contribution. Usually, there is a time for remembrance and prayer as we have in our pre-meal customs. After a few laps of Cava, you will need the seawalls to return home with many stories. If they give you a nickname Tongan, it's really great!

Some helpful translations from Tongan:

For Hello or Goodbye men say "Little" and women say "Little is aunt"

To pronounce "Io" and not to pronounce "ikai"

To say thank you is also "Little"

Can you enjoy your trip, we offer you Little!