Thai martial arts and outdoor adventures – a long trip to Thailand on a budget

1. Incredible adventures in Thailand

A few years ago, I decided to transfer most of my efforts, lifestyle, and long-term ninja training programs to Thailand. This decision was based on the number of pluses compared to our original program in California. First, I like change and I like to stretch what we have to offer students. I have run programs in Europe, the United States and now Asia on an equal footing.

Does this mean that California or the United States cannot offer much? No, it just means that there are other options, and I have many pros to talk about for Adventurer, who can manage a long-term trip to the US or Europe financially.

Thailand can offer many serious students and adventurers. Especially those who participate in our long-term martial arts training camps.

There is a popular ad in Thailand called – Amazing Thailand. He emphasizes the abundance of adventure and fun that is offered in one small place.

In Bangkok, for example, you can spend time shopping at a 7-storey mall (even buy a Ferrari at one of its stores), visit historic temples (feel like a king in the Grand Palace, or greet the Emerald Buddha), or maybe enjoy an endless variety of nightlife (drink on top of the city overlooking the city). Bangkok is an internationally known pit stop and great for students to spend some time adapting to Asia before heading out to see what more Thailand has to offer.

For me, the main attraction to Thailand was the tropical outdoor options on offer. I took students to the Pai Mountains near Chiang Mai to the warm blue waters of the Andaman Sea. We have trained in beautiful islands like Koh Samui and have climbed some of the best rock climbing in the world in Krabi province. When you do not practice martial arts, there are many adventures in Thailand.

Enjoy fresh and extremely healthy coconut on the beach or go snorkeling and diving for a price that makes you feel great. Feel like checking the bridge over the Kwai River or exploring the Erawan Falls in Kanchanaburi? No problem. How about a trip to Hua Hin, where the King lives, and enjoy the long oceanfront. You name it, adventure is plentiful, and access to that adventure is extremely accessible.

It may sound silly, but many of my students have found that renting a moped and cruising around the islands is one of the best experiences. Simple adventures like riding a long-tail boat from one island to another can be quite exciting. The adventure is often equated with new experiences and Thailand has a lot to offer.

I believe Thailand offers the best of Southeast Asia, but one of the added benefits of being in Thailand is that you can hop, jump and jump to experience new adventures in Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos or Cambodia. You can stretch this a bit to visit China, Singapore, Hong Kong, or further afield to places like Taiwan and Japan. When you are in Thailand, other places in Asia feel closer and more likely to explore.

What Thailand has to offer is, of course, incredible. However, the real benefits of Thailand come when we get practical, and this is determined by how much of a hole each trip will have in our pocketbook.

2. The big reason students love Thailand is financial

As with any functional service, money is an important tool. Students who attend my programs often do so for long periods. Many students prefer 1-12 months of study, as opposed to weekends or weekly courses, which often cost much more.

Another advantage of a long-term program in Thailand is the lower personal costs of students than what they would pay in the United States. There are too many discounts here, but here are some to consider.

3. Cheaper food in Thailand

You can get a decent healthy meal for about $ 2.00 in Thailand, which is at a restaurant. On the street, you can get a bowl of noodles for 50 cents. In California, you are lucky to get $ 5.00 worth of food (although Subway helps with their $ 5.00 sandwiches) and 50 cents can buy you a candy bar. I also offer a minimum of $ 5.00 at restaurants in the United States. Such advice in Thailand would be outrageous, even 20 Thai bahts are high and that's less than $ 1.00

4. Entertainment can be expensive, but not in Thailand

In Thailand, you can see a movie for about $ 5.00. In California, a movie ticket can cost you closer to $ 10.00. In addition, the quality of movie theaters in Thailand is often superior to what you find elsewhere. For example, you could choose to sit on a reclining mini sofa and choose your seats in advance (even if you pay less depending on where you want to sit). In the US, if you can't choose your seat in advance, you are forced to arrive early to get a good seat, and you are also forced to sit through a preview and advertisements.

These savings extend to almost every entertainment sector, whether you want to rent a motorcycle, go to a nightclub or ride an elephant, the costs are extraordinary.

5. Shopping in Thailand

Although students and adventures may not be mind-blowing, it can still be a factor for those who like to shop and why not save some money in the process. Thailand is known for receiving a lot of money when it comes to shopping and has shopping streets all over the country. You can take designer jeans for $ 20 as opposed to $ 200 or invest in a piece of art. I was able to buy Christmas presents for everyone in the family in Thailand and spend the same amount (including flight, hotel and gifts) that I would spend only on the gifts themselves (judging by my normal spending habits) in California. I'm also able to buy items that are unique and not just another gadget to hold their closets. Many people have made their short stay in Thailand a business and are financing their new lifestyle by buying items in Thailand to sell in the US.

6. Travel to Thailand

You can travel from the Pai Mountains (north of Chiang Mai) all the way south to the Koh Phi Phi Islands (where they made the movie The Beach) for about $ 60. That would cost you in the hundreds in the United States. When I lived in Pai, I would only fly to the city for $ 30. The bus ride down the mountain is about $ 5 and takes 2 hours. This travel savings extends to almost every type of travel in Thailand. You can take a taxi anywhere you want, for about $ 10 an hour, or jump in here for $ 5.00 and take the scenic route. Students rent mopeds for a month in Pai for only $ 50 or $ 150 in more expensive places like Samui Thailand. If you want to take a short flight to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat (wonder of the world) or take a train to Malaysia – no problem and this will save your pocketbook. I often fly to Singapore from Bangkok and it costs me less than I would fly from city to city in California.

7. Accommodation and accommodation in Thailand

The great thing about Thailand is that you have the choice of a stay that fits any budget. In California, a typical hotel is $ 100 a night and you will pay about $ 3,000 or more for a month at a major hotel. This is usually without the internet, without food and with no additional benefits. In Bangkok, for example, you can get a one-night stay at a great hotel that will include the internet, give you a great buffet breakfast (usually for two), swimming pools, gym, lounge and daily service, all for $ 1,000, Not to mention that these locations can be found with a small kitchen area – much like an extended stay of America at only half the price. Now $ 1,000 a month may not be cheap for many, but it's a great place. You can also stay in a small house for only $ 200 a month in many places. I stayed at a place of $ 2000 a month on a tropical island and stayed at a place of $ 300 a month on the same island. Both locations were great and no, you don't need to live in the alley to get a great price.

All this is very important for a longtime martial arts student. They often only have so much money to spare, and they need it to last for a long time. Students who come to California programs often run out of money in a few weeks (go out to town to eat, watch movies, buy ridiculously expensive popcorn, and hang out with friends). While in Thailand, they can scatter the same money for months and actually have more fun – not to mention enjoying the splendor of a tropical island or world-famous city.

8. Medical care

One time, when I was flying to Thailand for another adventure, I couldn't help but hear the couple in front of me. They were not together but sitting next to each other. One person asked the other why he was going to Thailand. His response startled me at first. He said he was going to Thailand to see a dentist because in the US it was too expensive to compare.

I haven't seen a dentist in Thailand, but I do remember a student who removed a cavity for only about 500 baht at a great location outside Bangkok's main soybean. I also remember visiting the hospital in Chiang Mai and after visiting three doctors on three separate issues (I thought I would try to cover myself as much as possible at the same time) it only cost me about 1000 Thai baht (about $ 35 USD) Naturally, this person has to do a great deal of dental work to spend $ 1000 or so near him to fly to Thailand to see a dentist.

However, Thailand is known for those who seek high quality medical care at low cost. I often find myself saying, "I'll wait until I get back to Thailand to check this." Many people have a bad idea about Thailand in terms of healthcare. Yes, you do not need to get a prescription when you want a drug to fight off a major virus and you don't have to do 5 screenings before you see an expert. All the facilities I went to in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and even Koh Samui Island were excellent places with modern English speaking equipment and doctors. I would say I get more attention and better care than I have in the States.

As martial artists and adventurers – it's important to know that when I travel there are current medical solutions in the event of an accident.

9. Culture of new locations

I once heard that there was more culture in yogurt than in California. This could be the reason for sites like to raise life support beyond our borders. Some people seek more than freedom of speech. Now I love California and am proud to be American so I won't have much to say about the negative concerns. However, after running adventure programs for most of 20 years and teaching students at the same time, I know where they can get more for their money.

An exciting part of traveling and adventure is meeting new people and learning new languages. Going to places like Thailand will offer a NEW approach, and with that comes a benefit that is hard to measure. If you already live in the United States, traveling to another place in the United States will not offer much variety. It is difficult to develop unless you are challenged to adapt to new places, meet new people, and learn new languages.

10. Friends in Asia

Of course, you can meet friends almost anywhere you go, but there is something unique about traveling abroad with other people with a similar mind. When you are abroad, you will meet others who have taken the time and have the time to spend – people from all over the world. In California, you will probably meet more people just like you. This can be boring. On my first trip to Thailand, I made friends with places like the Netherlands, England, Norway, Australia, and of course Thailand itself.

11. It's time to play in Thailand

One of the reasons I created my long-term program was to propose a lifestyle that is against the grain of modern society. For example, if you come to a typical city in the United States, you will meet people who are more than likely to follow a very specific path. They work, go to school, or work with their family or business.

However, long-term students can easily get together to take a trip almost anytime, or explore a new place, climb cliffs, or take a trip. The same ability to meet new people and end spontaneously with them is available in Thailand. This is because Thailand and places like Bangkok are the adventure hub of the world.

In a typical US city, you are more likely to be challenged with schedules and a tight work week. In Thailand, for students and for adventures, the weekend is always when they want.

12. Moving to Thailand

I have managed my long-term martial arts program in California for over 5 years. I didn't have a single student in the hundreds to move to California (except to train at our camp) for a new way of life. However, with only a few years in Thailand, I already had three students trying or trying to move and create a life in Thailand (outside our program). Is it because their US dollar will go a lot further? Is it because they have new freedoms that they are excited about in a new country? Is it because they can escape the almost violent social strategy that is being pressured in the US? Each of these may be true, and there are several reasons why so many foreigners are trying to make a living in Thailand. Even if it's just for a change of pace and a break from the typical norm. Many may head home after a year or two refreshed and ready to settle in their home country.

On my last visit, I met a man who had only been in Bangkok for a few weeks, decided to move and live there. He was only there to arrange the transportation of gems to the United States and realized that he could spread his wealth and live as a king, as opposed to entering the United States himself.

One student made a comment to me the first week I met him in Thailand that he had seen enough to know that he never wanted to come back – the same man has been living in Thailand for over a year now. It only took a week to convince him that his typical views of the unrestricted states of Thailand were far from base.

Do students want to live in Thailand? Some might, but the point is that for a long-term program to succeed, you need to be able to survive in a location. As a child, living on a tropical island was a dream and a goal. Living on an island in Thailand is not as difficult as some might think.

Our program also serves as a step for introducing students to a new life. I am also able to fully appreciate the good with the bad. Being from California, I am pampered by majestic mountains and national parks such as Yosemite. However, I have found that I appreciate the wealth that the United States has to offer by living abroad.

13. Freedom to be YOU

As a US citizen, you really have a lot of freedom, but you will only start to respect your true freedoms when you travel to a country where you have even more opportunities to do what you want and how you want to live. In Thailand, for example, if you want to live in one place for weeks or months, it is very easy to do so without having to deal with paperwork, credit checks and other headaches that restrict you from actually feeling free. Of course, every country has restrictions, and Thailand has many. However, for a long-term martial artist or adventurer – Thailand has many opportunities to make you smile.

Consider whether you can pick up a moped for a few minutes or rent an apartment that has been serviced for 1 month with nothing but your passport (and the ability to pay of course). In the US, most houses or apartments you rent (other than expensive hotels) charge you a month's rent, last month's rent, and security. Many only charge a guarantee deposit, but this is usually the same as the rent.

There is great flexibility in Thailand with how you choose to use your space for rent. You usually don't charge more if you have more people in your room. This is great for students looking for adventure with friends and getting the best deal. If you book a hotel in the United States (including extended stay hotels) and add another adult, you will probably be charged more for the same room and service. If anything, they should provide you with an additional benefit, such as breakfast.

Моят смисъл е да посоча положителните ползи за дългосрочните студенти да избират Тайланд като своя дестинация за растеж. Очаквам всички да се върнат у дома с приказки за приключения и в крайна сметка да се установят там, където са щастливи и могат да направят успешен живот за себе си. Истината е обаче, че работните места винаги ще бъдат там и семейството и приятелите ще ви чакат да се върнете. Ето защо, докато сте фокусирани върху обучението и личностния растеж, може да получите най-доброто приключение и опит, които парите ви могат да купят.

14. Самоуправление

Спомням си нещо, което или съм чел, или чувал от публичен говорител преди повече от 20 години. Цитатът или текстът беше нещо подобно:

Ако искате да имате успех – оставете дома.

Мислейки за моя опит през последните 20 години, би трябвало да се съглася, че времето ми извън дома ми ме научи на някои много важни уроци. Тайланд има много да преподава всеки отворен човек, но големият урок вече е достъпен, тъй като студентът трябва да напусне страната си и да тръгне на пътешествие. Тази стъпка сама по себе си е голяма стъпка за всеки възрастен и тази, която вярвам, ще помогне да ги научи повече за това кои са те като човек.

Една от основните разлики между нашата система за бойни изкуства и други стилове на бойни изкуства, базирани на етикети, е фактът, че наистина настояваме за тренировки и личностно израстване. Става въпрос за създаване на начин на живот, който обичате.

Спомням си, че пътувах за първи път с лодката до остров Koh Phi Phi от Пукет, мислейки колко чудесно би било да споделим този опит със студенти. Това ми напомни за усещането, че героят на Брус Лий можеше да се почувства по време на пътуването му по остров, където той беше начело, за да се справи с някои кунг-фу битки във филма Enter the Dragon.

Ами ти? Били ли сте някога в Тайланд? Някога мечтали ли сте да отидете в Тайланд? Познавате ли някой, който е бил в Тайланд? Споделете своя опит или мисъл с нас!

Присъединете се към лагер на бойни изкуства и приключенски лагер на NinjaGym в Тайланд и внесете баланс в ума си (с умственото бойно изкуство на Винджицу), Тялото (чрез преподаване на бойните изкуства и Нинджуцу) и Духа (приключение на открито – пътуване и катерене). Независимо дали искате да научите как да станете нинджа, да влезете във форма бързо с нашия фитнес обувен лагер на NinjaGym или да бъдете част от островното приключение, можем да помогнем.