Eight reasons for gay friends to escape and explore their wild feminine country

In this stressful, fast-paced and busy world we live in, many women live lives by playing double shifts. They work 40-60 hours a week, come home and start their second and third jobs, do housework and look after the children. Multitask their poor congested hearts and brains. Women have many reasons not to take care of themselves.

But sometimes everyone needs time, a place for themselves to set aside the needs, desires and desires of others, time and space to escape with the girls to talk, pamper, relax and relax .

So now, friendly getaways and women's retreats are flourishing because women have realized that it is fun and the need to walk alone with their friends every time.

The girlfriend escape market is a significant amount of money – four percent of all travel expenses in the US, which is nearly $ 200 million a year. 24 percent of American women have taken a girlfriend over the past three years, and 39 percent of American women plan to have one over the next three years.

Source: AAA Girlfriend Travel Research Project # 070005

Here are eight good reasons why women have fun with girls …

1. Return to nature and explore your wild country

2. Indulge in quality time with the girls

3. Celebrate Birthday, Special Anniversary, Upcoming Family Families (Weekend Party), Gathering or even Divorce

4. Time for another adventure

5. Leave your worries (office troubles, men, babies and teens) behind

6. Expand your horizons

7. Cuppa hot chocolate and conversation therapy

8. Hit the pillow and grab onto the zzzzz

And here are some Northern California Inns that I recommend that are suitable for Green Goddess Girlfriend Escape places … and you can even bring your dog with you!

Sonoma Orchid Inn, Guerneville, CA.

Pacific Mist Inn, Little River, CA.

Little River Inn, Little River, California

Ramb Shambhala, Ukiah, California