A day trip to Sequoia from Lemur, California

Centrally located in California, Lemoore is ideal for a wide variety of family trips with a fairy, including a two-hour drive to the historic Sequoia National Park, home to the gigantic redwood trees, redwood trees that are the largest living creatures on earth.
From Lemur, travel east on Highway 198 through Visalia and at the foot of the Three Rivers community. Three Rivers offers a great place to stop for sandwiches on the river or even homemade sweets and ice cream.
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Just a few miles past Three Rivers you will pass through the entrance of Sequoia National Park, but be warned that you are still an hour from the heart of the park, after slow driving with many interruptions.
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About forty-five minutes from the entrance of the park you will pass through Moro Rock, a giant rock with stairs and railings, perfect for your afternoon exercise.
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You can climb the cliff and see incredible views of the back of Sequoia National Monument and the San Joaquin Valley below. About a third of the way up the cliff, you will have a great view even if you have a short time or energy.
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Just a few minutes from the Moro Rock you will find a crescent moon, a beautiful meadow with wild flowers and other Sequoia flora and fauna. You can walk quietly in the meadow, just a mile away. About halfway through, you’ll find the historic “Wood Diary”, a carved diary used by a contributor named Tarpe for lodging nearly a hundred years ago.
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A short drive past Moro Rock and Crescent Meadow, visitors will find a variety of opportunities to drive on and under the giant redwood trees. The largest of the giants is located just before Lodge Pole.
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Parking is plentiful and visitors are allowed to walk to the base of this giant, General Sherman’s Tree. For hundreds of years, visitors have been shooting in front of this giant tree. From the scale of the photo, the visitor appears to be the size of an insect.
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After pictures near General Sherman and perhaps a short hike in the nearby redwood forest, visitors can visit the Lodge Box for dinner or groceries. The Lodge Pole Ranger Station can help answer any additional questions a visitor may have.
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From Lodge Pole, the Lemur family can return across the Three Rivers or follow a circuit through Grant Grove and down into Fresno. The Grant Grove stretch does not offer as much redwood treats as the Three Rivers road, but it is far less winding and would take you home in just over two hours. Overall, the trip is a day trip from Lemur.
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Bitcoin steered the cryptocurrency market to a recovery phase of the phenomena from the lows recorded in the last week of August. Bitcoin’s graceful correction of over $ 10,700 resurrected investor hopes to see older cryptocurrencies above psychological level at $ 11,000. However, the hit on the BTC paused just under $ 10,800 and pulled in at $ 10,500. At press time, the price of Bitcoin is hovering at $ 10,550 after a subtle decline of 0.78% per day.
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Although Bitcoin’s short-term trend paints a positive picture, a number of analysts with big follow-ups on Twitter are advising investors to proceed cautiously. For example, Johnny Moe says Bitcoin is down if it moves. The consolidation witnessed in the last two months suggests a potential massive drop to about $ 6,000.
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When Hamas was trying to collect bitcoin by denying it through a number of digital wallets, a startup was able to see what was happening and warn its customers.

Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms – including Binance and Circle – as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity in the bitcoin digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.

The company recently learned that Al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person they visited. This made it harder to find funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the EU.


California Highway 101 – Beauty and the Dangers

It was our first wedding anniversary and John and I decided to take the famous 101 Highway to California. We’ve never been to California before, so we looked at the trip in detail.
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John and I flew to San Diego Airport, rented a car and started our journey. California seems to us like paradise. Warm, dry climate with beautiful tropical plants and trees. It was just gorgeous! We felt we needed to be close to Heaven!
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Later that evening we went down to the nearby beach and watched the sunset. Then we ended our late-night dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We then stayed at our hotel and planned our next day’s trip.
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We woke up early the next morning and had a light hotel breakfast. We then went on our journey, traveling up the California Coastal Highway known as Highway 101.
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This particular day was our first wedding anniversary and we were again like two young children, happy and carefree! We saw the most beautiful beaches and stopped for views of the ocean along the highway. For us, such beauty and wonder was mesmerizing!
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I found that California is a mostly desert landscape. There is such history and beauty, with wonderful Spanish influence.
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I felt I could watch the ocean for the rest of my life and not get tired of it! Beautiful blue-green waters and aquatic life are beautiful beyond description! The sounds of the ocean are also soothing!
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We went through many famous California cities traveling north on Highway 101. Malibu was just one of many hip cities on our trip.

Our goal was to drive from San Diego north to San Francisco on the Highway 101 and stop to see on the road. We wanted to shoot the sunset over the ocean every night. Of course we were also filming beautiful inviting beaches and other attractions too.

The second evening we reached Camarillo, California. We settled into a nice hotel and decided to go to a local beach to explore the sunset. The map we used showed several beaches about five miles from our hotel, so we started driving to them. We were in a rural orange grove and strawberry meadow. Everything seemed very pleasant and peaceful.

We started driving down the main street in the nearby town, which was supposed to lead to the beach. While driving, we saw police doing what looked like a drug bust on the side of the street. It was very scary when I saw people on the ground and they were handcuffed by some ominous onlookers. We continued driving a few blocks further, and in a single incident, police cars surrounded a vehicle that struck a light pole. Police forced a man to be pinned to the ground and handcuffed to other people. The incidents we saw in this small town were so shocking to me that I told my husband to come back to our hotel. This is exactly what we did as soon as possible! Tonight we had dinner at a neighboring hotel next to our hotel in a quiet family restaurant.

These two incidents, so close to each other, on the same street and in daylight, really upset me. Traveling through a new country, new cities, not knowing anyone or much about the areas we traveled through. My mental red flags were lifted and suddenly I became very worried about our journey!

After a night’s rest we felt refreshed and had a wonderful day. We set off on the road again. The highway takes us to the foothills of the mountains many kilometers from the ocean. As we traveled together, the landscape was new and different. Once again, we had fun trying to forget the incidents of the previous night.

I could just imagine what it was like in the days of the wild west, Indians peering over a hill or cattle kept with cowboys. The mountainous, deserted landscape made my mind think about the old days.

Our destination that day was Moro Bay, California. We passed through the beautiful Santa Barbara on the way there. We decided that this was a city worth stopping back to take some views.

Soon we were back on the edge of the ocean. This has always been our favorite part of the quest. We made it to the quaint, lovely, Morro Bay early in the morning. We went immediately to see there. We saw the famous giant rock formations coming out of the ocean and people surfing nearby. The wind was blowing very loud and surprisingly cool enough for our jackets. I was left with the impression that all of California was sunny and warm. Not true! It is sunny and cool at times!

We then decided to take a short drive north up the coast to see some other sights. The scenery became even more beautiful as we drove north. The breakers coming out of the ocean on the beaches were great! We saw seals and a beautiful lighthouse. We met some interesting people to visit in the scenic views of the area. As we drove north, we saw that there was a strong fog rolling, so we did not drop in anymore. We returned to our quaint hotel room and rested for a while.

We had dinner at the port in Morro Bay that evening at a lovely seafood restaurant and met some nice German people sitting at a table nearby. They were touring the west coast by bus. They couldn’t speak much English, but they were very friendly and comical. We communicated regardless of the language barrier.

After shopping for souvenirs the next morning, we decided that San Francisco was too far north for these middle-aged travelers to go. We decided to slow down a bit and start seeing our way south to San Diego on Highway 101, of course!

Santa Barbara was the first in our list of cities to tour on the way back on the 1001 freeway. We stopped at the visitor center there and ventured out to the port nearby to explore the sights. Of course, our camcorder was always rolling so we could keep the landscape for years to come. We met some nice people from California and talked a little about our individual states. Then my husband and I grabbed a fresh seafood sandwich from a small outdoor cafe and watched a dolphin swim by the harbor. Soon it was time to get back on the road and continue south.

My husband used his new GPS to navigate our routes. John loved the road that took him where he wanted to go. I didn’t like it because it took us longer routes to our destinations. Sometimes he would take us on routes through some deserted neighborhoods

In Santa Barbara, we made the wrong turn and found ourselves on a side street just off the highway. We decided to head up the block and turn around to try to get back on the highway. Suddenly, at first glance, from wherever you are, a large group of Latin Americans started running toward us from the side of the road, hurrying our vehicle! I started screaming, and my husband fired at our vehicle, and I walked toward the crowd of screaming men. They seemed very threatening. Somehow my brave husband made us turn around and he drove us out of the situation. As I turned and looked back, a large group of men were shaking their fists and shouting at us. My heart was still pounding and I was crying in fear.

To this day, we do not know what this is about, but it scares me half to death! I immediately got a migraine and my husband and couldn’t even talk for about ten minutes. We were both breathless from the shock of the whole ordeal. I was nervous the rest of our trip to California. Then I started watching local news at our hotel, and the news media talked about gangs and gang violence in California in general. Suddenly I realized the danger I had never expected before.

We spent the night in Huntington Beach, California. I didn’t even want to go out to eat dinner. I went to bed early and told my husband I was ready to go back to St. Louis!

The next day we took our time and traveled further south. We didn’t stop until we reached La Jolla. We have a nice motel there by the beach and we stayed for three nights. We stayed near the motel, seeing the sights in and near La Jolla. It looked safe there and the area was very beautiful!

I was still shocked by my previous bad experiences and stayed close to my husband for safety wherever we went.

The last day of our trip we went to San Diego and toured Bitcoin. We then went out on a view of Coronado Island and saw a late lunch to explore the harbor there.

I was very ready to go home the next day when we flew out of San Diego. I said I would never go to California again!

I may someday utter my words and visit Northern California. But I would rather go there with friends who know the area well.

I don’t know if it was just our bad misfortune or whether these frightening incidents often happen to tourists in California and it’s just a big, well-kept secret. If you are touring California or other places near the Mexican border and west for that matter, do your homework! Especially with regard to travel safety! Understand all that is possible about crime levels in the areas you travel. Then learn your travel safety precautions and be aware of what to expect. Prepare for the unexpected too!

We have been to many other places in many other states, and we have never experienced this type of terror or anything close to it that we experienced in California. It was a real adventure in more ways than we ever thought possible!

Overall, we enjoyed the great outdoors and brought some good memories along with the bad ones back home. We had self-taught trips that my husband likes to call adventures.

If you plan to travel, happy trails and safe journeys wherever you go!

History of Wine in Baja California

At the heart of the sunlit vineyards in the Valais de Guadalupe, northeast of Ensenada, is now the Museum of Vines and Wine. The museum is a wonderful resource for wine lovers for both locals and tourists alike, as it has a collection rich in viticulture history. The beauty of the architecture stands out against the backdrop of granite mountains, fertile soil and lush, graceful vines. From the glittering entrance, the visitor enters the underground museum as if entering a wine cellar.

Travelers can make a day of it. The museum is an invaluable resource for wine lovers and a tour can begin from here. This is especially helpful if this is your first visit to the Baja wine country. The museum provides a basis for understanding wine production, thus creating a deeper appreciation for wine tasting. The thinking organization went into presenting the story and included icons for wine production, such as hand presses used by many of the smaller wine producers. Fine art and bronze sculptures are a perfect match. All works of art have a touch of the vine as a theme. Huge oak barrels are built into the walls; the projector lighting of the projectors on the displays creates a vivid impression of what turns into making good wine. A series of towering glass shelves hold bottles of wine from every vineyard in the valley. Included at intervals along the way are films showing the production and even how oak barrels are made. The special attention to detail and the beautiful low light create the mood for the whole experience, as if you were in a coffee where the wine matures.

Badja has a rich ethnic history from the Spanish Jesuit fathers who planted grapes for their mysterious wine to the Russian Molokans who developed the first large commercial vineyards in 1906. Many of their wooden tools have been exposed since that period. Today, according to a local winemaker, the wine region is one of my passions, and I have seen the region grow from just 24 growers to well over 100, including craft winemakers.

Above the Underground Museum is a modern facility with panoramic views of the grand valley. As you can see, the grapes are now lush with leaves and grapes of ripe grapes. The harvest is celebrated as Vendemus every year in August, while the actual harvest can pass in September. It is certainly one of the most sophisticated day trips near home and just two hours from the US border.

Thirteen little known facts about the city of Pomona, California

Although it is the fifth largest city in Los Angeles County, it does not pay much attention to the city of Pomona, California. Pomona has just over 150,000 people living there, and although it was founded in the late 1800s as a predominantly agricultural community, it has grown more and more industrialized over time. Here's a look at thirteen little known facts about Pomona, California.

1. The Los Angeles County Fair, or the Los Angeles County Fair, is held annually in Pomona and is the largest county fair in the entire United States.

2. The Western University of Health Sciences is located within the city and was recently founded in 1977, with a total of 36 enrolled in its first year.

3. A Pomona College was founded in the town of Pomona in 1887, only to move to Clermont, California, two years later, when an unused hotel building was donated to the school.

4. California State Polytechnic State University, Pomona (known as Cal Poly Pomona) is partially located on the personal ranch of cereal maker WK Kellogg.

5. Some of the people who were born or resided in Pomona, California include: Jessica Alba, Sugar Shane Mosley, Tom Waits, Rich Yet, Mark McGuire and Richie Sandoval.

6. The people of Pomona, California are known as Pomona.

7. Between 1900 and 1910 the city's population nearly doubled.

8. The first US president to visit Pomona was Benjamin Harrison, who stopped at a South Pacific train station while traveling to Los Angeles.

9. Cal Poly Pomona is the second largest land-ranked campus in the entire California state university system.

10. For a brief period of approximately three and a half months during World War II in 1942, the LA County Fair in Pomona was used as a meeting center where Japanese-Americans were temporarily held before being dispersed in various detention camps. internment.

11. The Pomona Mall is an outdoor pedestrian mall that stretches over nine blocks. It was the first such mall built west of the Mississippi River.

12. The city of Pomona is named after Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruits.

13. There are provisions in the city that limit when a family can conduct a yard sale. The city usually indicates four or five weekends a year that yard sales are allowed.

The city of Pomona plays an important role in the life of Southern California and in particular the Los Angeles area. Very important companies are headquartered and Cal Polly Pomona, and Western University of Health Sciences contribute significantly to the area both from the jobs they create and the quality of students who turn out. Pomona has a unique history and is a great place for anyone who visits Southern California to come and see.

The benefits of having a travel agent prepare your holiday itinerary

The world is full of beautiful places, some are gifts of nature and some are created by man. You read about these places; and they come to life as you surf the web. You are not alone in dreaming to visit and see the beauty of these locations. It's everyone's fantasy. And going on vacation is the biggest prize you can afford.

Your most well-deserved break from the busy day job is to take a break. You want to get to the place of your dream. Maybe you want a beach or maybe historic sites. Parents may want to take their children to theme parks such as Disneyland in Florida, California, Japan, and Hong Kong, or Universal Studios in California, Florida, Japan, and Singapore. In Australia, Gold Coast theme parks are popular destinations. There are people who love cruises or pilgrimages.

You know your travel time is limited – just a few days. For some people, the money is hard earned savings. Both time and money should not be wasted. Thus, this requires extensive planning. The route must be carefully designed so that every minute of stay in the destination is optimized. As a traveler, can you plan your trip? Don't you think it is better to consult a travel agent without fuss?

Planning trips are everywhere. You can even consult one online. However, if there is a travel agent nearby, it would be great to come into the office and talk to a travel agent. By telling your agent your plans, the places you want to see, and your budget, a dummy route can be customized as per your requirements.

For your vacation, you go to places you have not visited before. This way, you may not be familiar with your destination. Because of this strangeness, organizing your trip can become a daunting task. You will be undecided about the places to visit – where to go, what to do and how long it will take. Thinking about these alone can already drain your energy. Much more than this difficulty you can be stressed about the cost of the trip.

For the inexperienced traveler, consulting with a travel agent will offer solutions for your needs. Here are some highlights of what these professional planners can do for you. Because these experts have a long string of networks, they can design your itinerary based on your budget. This will eliminate your problem with the adequacy of your funds. Agents have relationships with airlines, hotels, and travel guides; they can get discounts that can definitely give you a lower bid. This guarantees you some savings.

You can choose to go abroad – to a place that may require tourist visas. The travel agent will guide and assist you with your visa application. Without a passport, they can assist you with securing your passport and other travel documents, including documentation when needed. As these people are already very familiar with your destination, they can present you the attractions of the place, including a schedule, so that your time is maximized.

One very important reason for hiring a planning trip is the contingency plans. It is inevitable that some unexpected situations may occur, such as a delayed or canceled flight, where you may be stranded at an airport. Your travel agent will be informed and assisted. The travel agency may have colleagues in your destination and arrangements will be made to make your trip comfortable and safe despite the misfortune.

Your travel agent may charge you some fees for his services. If you choose one of the agency's travel packages, you will pay only the amount quoted. Whether you choose a design package or a custom itinerary, you'll understand that the service saves you time, money and energy. The journey is smooth and you will surely enjoy a great vacation.

Become a travel nurse and research travel nurse companies

Seasonal and regional nursing shortages in the 1980s caused the emergence of tourism nursing companies that specialized in enabling nurses to travel anywhere in the United States where nurses lacked. As the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects nursing shortages to worsen over the next seven years, nursing travel is a field of expected strong growth. This fact can make anyone who values ​​a healthy healthcare career want to become a nurse, except most people do not know how to become one.

To become a travel nurse, one must have an active state license such as a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse or a professional nurse and be in good standing. In addition, the nurse needs a minimum of one year's medical experience, preferably in a hospital setting. Then it's time to find a staff travel agency that will put them on the agreed number of work assignments nationwide or locally.

Before you decide to settle for any breastfeeding travel agency that is accidentally listed online, it is strongly recommended that you look at which areas in the US are favorable to them. According to one Travel Nurses website, Florida, California and Arizona have the most nursing opportunities. However, if a person wants to work and live elsewhere in the United States, it is possible because nurses can work in all states. They just have to get the license of the country where they will work.

The next step to becoming a nurse is to research travel agencies. When conducting surveys of travel companies and what they offer their clients, one has to consider whether the agency helps their clients obtain a state license or not. This factor helps determine how useful the agency is and can help a person judge whether he or she wants to work with the agency. While 27 states require nurses to be licensed by them to work there, the other 23 states do not. These 23 states have signed an agreement known as the "Nurse Licensing Contract" that allows nurses to work in any of the 23 states with a license obtained from only one of the 23 states. According to the National Council of Nursing Councils, these 23 states are Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, North Dakota South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Some Travel Nursing Agencies will hire a job specifically, arrange contracts, and assist in finding housing. Most agencies arrange housing in their own name, while some allow the nurse to participate in finding and choosing a home. If the nurse chooses to go outside the company when buying a home, most companies offer a housing fee.

Some agencies offer a travel allowance that may or may not cover all travel expenses. Some agencies offer health insurance, license renewals, referral bonuses for referral nurses to them, equity investments, continuing education reimbursement, vacations and sick days.

Travel assignments can range from eight weeks to a year; However, the average majority of tasks are only thirteen weeks old. At the end of the assignment, travel nurses may choose to stay at this location, if possible, or choose another available location. Nurses may register with more than one Travel Nursing Agency and change as desired.

After researching breastfeeding travel companies and a person has decided which travel company to work with, it is best to schedule an interview with the travel agency. During the interview, the medical company will evaluate a person's placement skills. The client will be recruited to meet individual needs, goals and opportunities. The recruiter will contact the client when a suitable position becomes available.

Travel Expert Reviews Resorts 360 holiday club complaints

Another multilevel marketing program (MLM) has started. It's called the Resorts 360 Vacation Club, and bloggers were quick to call it a possible scam. Resorts 360 is launching treatment for major problems with another MLM trip called YTB Travel, when California Attorney General Edmund Brown sued them for "operating a giant pyramid scheme."

Travel and tourism generate over $ 7 trillion a year. Not surprisingly, home-based entrepreneurs want to use these profits. Some of the programs were completely fraudulent. They have charged people thousands of dollars and delivered little or nothing when the actual value of so-called products was analyzed. Not all home business travel opportunities are fraudulent, some actually offer real value retail products to the travel market.

Now that Resorts 360 is launching, many are wondering if the program is another MLM scam or a true business. That is a fair question.

There are no doubt some issues with Resorts 360, but is it a scam? While the MLM company supplies the actual product, the membership of the holiday club they sell decreases compared to the membership provided by competitors on the home business base. The Resorts 360 program offers access to fewer resorts, and members pay more for one-week vacation rentals than their competitors. That doesn't make it a hoax, but it does make those hoping to make money from 360 resorts at a disadvantage.

Resorts 360 members get access to about 4,000 resorts, while one competitor says they have over 5,000 and another advertises over 5,400 resorts. Resorts 360 Holiday Club members are offered a condo vacation starting at $ 399. That's about $ 100 more than one competitor and $ 250 more than another. A member who only takes two vacation weeks a year can spend an additional $ 500 a year with the new MLM Vacation Club. For a decade, that's $ 5,000 more.

With fewer options to choose from and more expensive vacation weeks, you might think that 360 resorts might want a price advantage on the market, but that's not the case. While their competitors sell lifetime memberships (100 years), the longest membership available through Resorts 360 is just one year.

For a ten-year vacation period, Resorts 360 holiday clubs would cost $ 2,639 if renewed annually at the current price and a whopping $ 5,616 if paid at the current monthly rate. Lifetime competition memberships cost them $ 2,995 and $ 1998. This means that for $ 641 less, users can have access to over 1,400 more resorts, save $ 250 each from lower vacation rates and still have 90 years of membership benefits to enjoy or sell and transfer to someone else.

Providing a lower product and charging higher prices does not turn the resort's 360 vacation club into a hoax. Just like with any other purchase, the buyer must beware and compare their options.

While the product is a product, many people just buy anything to start a home-based tourism business and hope to start making money from home. The question is, can these trusted internet millionaires actually make money with Resorts 360?

Those who want to make money from home should not pay much attention to resorts 360. Marketing experts say that the disadvantages they face with their product will only eliminate the attraction of the retail target market for travelers. Higher prices will definitely not win those who take the time to shop. The maximum commissions earned are only $ 200 compared to the two competitors who pay $ 1000.

Resorts 360 promise residual income as memberships are renewed and payments come for monthly programs. That seems very unlikely. With other MLM programs that require people to renew, over 95% of members drop out and not renew. This is because these people only join to make money and when they do not see a profit, they continue to move forward.

As you can imagine, it can actually be very difficult to make a profit with Resorts 360. It costs roughly the same marketing money to earn $ 200 in profits as well as to earn a profit of $ 1000. Some sales will be made, but how many marketing dollars will be spent to earn low commissions? If it costs a member more than $ 40 to get someone to buy it, he or she may put that member in the red and he or she cannot plan on completing this for renewal or MLM passive commissions. A new member will probably need to enroll over 100 people just to get about five who are actively working in the business and make some profit.

While Resorts 360 is not a scam for everyone, it is obvious that they have painted a much pinker picture than MLM history would suggest. Those looking for quality vacation membership at the club will find more benefits and healthier memberships in other merchandise. Those looking for a home-based business will also find better opportunities with better holiday clubs and higher commissions. One competitor accepts credit cards for his or her lifetime membership and even offers payment plans with only $ 198 to get started.

Remembering the eruption of Mount St. Elens

It was a day that would live in disgrace for Pacific Northwest residents: May 18, 1980, on the day of Louis Helens Peak, Washington's fifth highest peak, blew its peak. Most people living in the Northwest at that time remember exactly where they were and what they were doing.

We are no exception. Now, 30 years later, our memories are as vivid as they were immediately after the event. One of the reasons is that the actual eruption was only part of the story, and was followed by weeks of breathless reports from national media obsessed with how this life-changing event affected the Pacific Northwest and its population.

The news leading to the eruption was all a bit on edge with scientists strongly suggesting that all signs were there – it is possible, even probable, that Washington's long stagnant volcano, Mount St. Petersburg Helens, will erupt soon, Anyone who paying the least attention to the news, he had to realize that potential danger was right on the horizon. A few weeks later, scientists noticed that the mountain was beginning to emit jets of smoke and gas, and then on April 1, the first harmonic tremor was registered. The countdown to the big eruption was increasing.

Still, vacationers and weekends are still making camping trips in the general surroundings of the mountain, and there is an almost circus atmosphere where certain views of many miles from the mountain have been spent by hundreds of volcano watchers hoping to see the mountain. forthcoming eruption. The pluses seen so far seemed relatively harmless, floated up into the sky, and for most people it was difficult to imagine the devastation that would soon come to Southwest Washington.

One example you may remember is Harry Truman, the old man in the mountain who refused to evacuate his Mount St. Helens, located right around Ground Zero, for any potential cataclysmic activity.

He seemed to ignore the warnings of local officials and his refusal to leave the mountain became a storyteller on local television and in Seattle newspapers. Longview daily quoted Harry as saying, "I think the whole damn thing is exaggerated… Spirit Lake and Mount St. Elens are my life … You couldn't get me out with a team of mules."

Our trips this weekend took us north of Seattle, where we enjoyed the use of a rental home surrounding the beautiful Whidbey Island with friends. We stayed at South Widby State Park and enjoyed the beach and barbecue on Saturday afternoon, which as I recall, was a magnificent day with blue skies. We left the evening without knowing that we were just hours away from experiencing one of the most remarkable natural disasters in the history of the Pacific Northwest.

We woke up early to a bright, peaceful day and were about to cook breakfast at our motor home when, at 8:32, we heard a bomb go off – or so we thought. If you map our location and measure the distance to the volcano, it will be about 100 miles. Yet the sound we heard sounded to me and felt as if the military had just dropped a 500-pound bomb on a nearby hill. A friend who was with us had just stepped outside the camper to take his daughter to see some cows nearby when he remembered that “the sound of a rolling thunder or a boom came from the south. It was ominous. Maybe the Third World War has started. "

It only took us a few seconds to put together two and two: With all the talk of how the St. Helens eruption was forthcoming, this is really the only thing that can be. And yet, no one had prepared us for the explosion we were experiencing. We somehow hadn't imagined in our minds that the eruption, when it came, would make that kind of sound. And because we were so far away from the volcano, we still couldn't believe we were hearing an eruption that was 100 miles away.

It was a great Sunday and we didn't want to leave the island, but we all had to go back to work on Monday. As we packed up and headed south for our home south of Seattle, the radio waves fluttered with live coverage as reporters rushed to the scene by car and helicopter and frantically called their descriptions of the devastation site. After we got home, we saw television news coverage caught in clouds of ash, unable to see or move. Almost everyone seemed surprised at how devastating this eruption was.

A total of 57 people were killed by the eruption that day, including Harry Truman. Volcanic magma exploded, creating a large pyroclastic stream that leveled buildings and vegetation over a total area of ​​more than 230 square miles. Volcanic mud streams stretched many miles along the Tuttle and Cowitz rivers, destroying bridges and camps. The famous video of houses floating on muddy rivers is as clear in my mind today as it was on TV back then.

During the eruption, a huge column of ash rose 12 miles above the expanding crater in less than 10 minutes. As a whole, the ash plunged into the atmosphere for 10 straight hours and reached cities like Yakima and Spokane, where a few inches of snow accumulated like so much dirty snow in homes, cars, streets – everything. The sun was darkened by the ashes, sinking cities to darkness within minutes of the eruption.

Because we were northwest of the eruption, our three-hour trip home this Sunday was relatively unimpeded – until we also experienced some of the ash falling into Southeast King County, though to a lesser extent than cities in eastern Washington. Since we were reporting a Seattle newspaper, the eruption of Mount Helens in St. Petersburg has proven to be much more than a day-long event. All of our news sprang into action this Sunday night and a few weeks later focused on one of the greatest stories in the history of the Pacific Northwest. We witnessed an event that few people were trying to relive in their lives, and now our news staff was recording every impact, every reaction, and every story that had a St. Elens angle.

When they talk about "slow news day", they are definitely not talking about Sunday, May 18, 1980 in the Pacific Northwest.

You live in the family Diamond Bar, California

Situated in an area where hills and trees abound in country setting, Diamond Bar is a great place to live. The City Diamond Bar has been recognized for its love of nature and the maintenance of trees since receiving its first honors to be recognized as Tree City USA in 2001 and has since maintained its name every year.

The city boasts nine public elementary schools, three high schools and two public high schools, including several that have won the Blue Ribbon Award in California for academic excellence. Diamond Bar schools have a great reputation for academic excellence from pre-school to high school, and this factor is one of the main reasons many home buyers and families want to move to Diamond Bar. The California Polytechnic College-Pomona, Fullerton State College, and Mount San Antonio Municipal College are several of the medium-sized colleges and institutions offered in surrounding cities, just a few miles away. The Diamond Bar is conveniently located where the Orange (57) and Pomona (60) intersect, allowing easy access to the San Gabriel, Orange and Los Angeles counties.

In addition, the city has over ten recreational parks, including one with a skateboard park, with various trails and recreational facilities, and is home to the Diamond Bar Golf Course in Los Angeles County. It also has a newly-opened community center for rent, located atop Summitridge Park and overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains.

Although predominantly a residential community, Diamond Bar is actively revamping local dining, hotels and shopping access within the city. Although shopping, fine dining, and entertainment are all within a few miles of surrounding cities, no matter which direction you travel.

Many cities in sunny Southern California are great places to live; However, the Diamond Bar offers the best of both worlds, a small town with great city amenities nearby.

Winter camping in California

Can't stand the call of the wild? It seems like summer is too far to wait to hit the great outdoors? Many people think of camping as a summer activity, but for many of us, we just can't wait about half a year before going back outdoors. Fortunately, California has many amazing places to camp during the winter months. Winter camping is usually cheaper and less overcrowded than camping in the summer and you will also get to know California in a very different way.

California has blessed us outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of different landscapes and climates to experience. And while the high Sierras are covered with snow, the Mojave Desert and the Pacific Coast invite campers to come and experience their winter beauty. The beach is usually the best place to escape from the cold inland winters, thanks to the average temperatures experienced throughout the year. Of course, for real adventurers, there are also opportunities for snow camping at higher elevations, so why not pair your ski trip with a camping trip? No matter where you choose, these places are downright beautiful, yet few people have experienced this beauty in winter. They invite you to come and visit!

Angel Island – Northern California / San Francisco Bay

As a resident of the Bay Area, I am very fond of Angel Island … when it is not crowded. It's a quick trip to each of the Sacramento Bay areas and it has absolutely spectacular views of San Francisco Bay, including the San Francisco Sky Line, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and views of Tiburon and Sausalito. Rain and heavy fog are common in the winters of the Gulf, but relative to the rest of Northern California, temperatures are reasonably average. The last five years have been a very dry winter in the Gulf thanks to the terrible drought we are experiencing, but this year El Nino is already pouring rain in the state, so expect wet weather if you decide to visit Angel Island this winter. From December to March, daily highs average 56-61 degrees Fahrenheit and night lows average 41-45 degrees Fahrenheit, so there really isn't much difference between night and day. The east side of the island is better protected from the ocean shore, but the west side provides a front view of incredible sunsets under the Golden Gate Bridge. The sites at East Bay and Sunrise are located on the east side of the island, near Fort McDowell. The ridge and kayak sites are located on the west side of the island, near Reynolds Camp. For more information on camping, check out the brochure and park map from the park's website. Keep in mind that some of the information is out of date, but most of it is still relevant.

Getting to Angel Island is half the fun of the trip. Public ferries run from Tiburon via Angel Island Ferry and from Pier 41 and the San Francisco Ferry Building via the Blue and Gold Navy. Adult tickets cost $ 15 from Tiburon and $ 9 from San Francisco. These prices include the entrance fee for the park. Please note that during the winter months, these ferries only run on weekends, so the earliest you can get to the island is Saturday morning and the latest you can stay is Sunday late afternoon, unless you plan to stay all week . But there are other options! You can use your own private boat or borrow friends. Or if you're like me and don't own a boat, you can rent a private boat or take a Tideline Water Taxi. Tideline is a great option, it is quite expensive, but it is still cheaper than renting a boat and provides the most personalized schedule and service so you are not limited by ferry schedules.

Grand Sur – Central Coast

Big Sur on California's Central Coast is an absolute gem. It embodies all the beauties of California's rugged Pacific coast. From a hundred feet of red trees, backstage paths and miles of beaches, Big Sur has everything. And thanks to its proximity to the ocean, it remains relatively average in winter, with average highs from December to March ranging from 60-63 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows around 43 degrees Fahrenheit. As always, in winter you should be prepared for rain, heavy fog and ocean winds. Big Sur is very busy in the summer months, but in winter the crowds scattered, leaving you with miles of empty paths and beaches to explore.

Perhaps the most amazing part of winter camping at Big Sur is the chance to watch the majestic gray whales migrate between Alaska and Baja California. From December to early February, you can see whales migrating south, and from early February you can see them migrating north with their newborn calves. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Big Sur has many campsites that you can find here. For those of you looking for a little more warmth and comfort, I would recommend one of the cabins, such as Big Sur Camp Campings and Cabins or Riverside Campground. Both camps offer plenty of space for tents and RVs in addition to cabin spaces. Another recommendation for tent and RV camping is the Kirk Creek Campground. Kirk Creek is a beautiful campsite set on a huge bluff overlooking the ocean. Because of its open location, it is susceptible to high winds and humidity, so be prepared for it if you decide to stay there.

Lake Tahoe – Northern California / Sierra Nevada

For those who want to truly experience the winter, then the snow campsite on the shore of Lake Tahoe is right for you. During the summer months Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular camping destinations in the world. During the winter months, it is one of the most popular ski destinations in the world. Basically Lake Tahoe is great and everyone wants to go there no matter what month it is.

Sugar Pine Point State Park on the west shore of Lake Tahoe offers the best of both worlds. The camp is one of the only campsites in the region open to snow camps during the winter months, and is conveniently located just minutes from some of the largest alpine ski resorts in the world. Homewood Resort (8 minutes), Squaw Valley Resort and Alpine Meadows (32 minutes), Heavenly Mountain Resort (45 minutes) and Northstar California Resort (50 minutes) are an hour's drive away. Sugar Pine camping is also a great choice for first-time snow campers, as it is not far off the cross-country trail, so all services are available nearby.

Sugar Pine Point State Park also offers some of the best cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails the Lake Tahoe region has to offer, all with easy access to the campsite. In fact, it was these tracks that were used for biathlon and cross-country skiing during the 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics.

And if you're not already up to the tent camping in the snow, you can always find some amazing local cabins to stay at. Airbnb is your best bet to book one of them.

Mt. San Jacinto State Park – Southern California / San Jacinto Mountain

Snowmobiling is also easily accessible in Southern California in the beautiful mountains. San Jacinto State Park. Idyllwild Park offers year-round camping. Tent camping and RVs are welcome first / first service November through March. The campsite is located less than three hours from both Los Angeles and San Diego, making it a great option for those looking for an escape over the weekend from city life. Snowmobiling and sledding are very popular activities in the park during the winter months.

There is a lot to do in and around State Park. Including a visit to various parts of the National Monument of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains or hiking on part of the Pacific Ridge Trail. You can even spend the afternoon taking the world-famous Palm Springs Air Tram, which takes you from Chino Canyon near Palm, springs nearly 6,000 meters to the Mountain Station.

Death Valley National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

The valley of death is pretty incredible. On July 12, 2012, Furnace Creek at Death Valley National Park broke the heat record when the fever was 103 degrees Fahrenheit, setting the world record for the highest low for one day. Then on July 10, 2013, Furnace Creek broke another 134-degree Fahrenheit heat record (!!!), broke the American record previously set in 1913. Needless to say, you earned those damn temperatures in the winter months, in fact, the valley of death is quite pleasant in winter. Average highs from December to March range from 67 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, with average lows ranging from 38 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because the valley of death is in the middle of the desert, it is susceptible to large fluctuations in temperatures, with nighttime lows falling below freezing. This is where winter desert camping differs most from winter beach camping. In the desert, temperatures can fluctuate dramatically from day to night, while near the ocean, temperatures remain relatively stable.

A tent and RV tent is available at Furnace Creek RV Park and Fiddler & # 39; s Campground for $ 18 / night or at Mesquite Spring for $ 12 a night. Both camps have RV dumps and toilets. For tent camps, you can stay at Emigrant or Wildrose Campgrounds. (note: Wildrose accepts all vehicles below 25 feet; The expat is on a tent only at a campsite)

Joshua Tree National Park – Southern California / Mojave Desert

Another great camping destination in Southern California is Joshua Tree National Park. The park is easy to access, only about 2.5 to 3.5 hours from Los Angeles (depending on traffic, of course). Like the Death Valley, Joshua Tree is set in the middle of the desert, so while it can bubble hot in the summer, it is very pleasant in the winter. With average highs from January to March ranging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and average low temperatures from 35 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. For a list of all campsites in Joshua Tree National Park, see here. For camping in the north of the park, I recommend the Jumbo Rocks Campground, which costs $ 15 per night and is a first-come, first-served service. There is no water at the Jumbo Rocks campsite and only pit latrines, so be sure to be prepared. For those looking for camping in the south of the park, I offer Cottonwood Campground for $ 20 / night with landfill, water and lavatories.

By now, you realize that camping in California is both summer and winter time. There are many incredible places to escape in the winter, even if there is snow on the ground. Take advantage of cheaper fees, shorter booking times and deserted camping while you can before the winter is over. Camping in California never breaks for the seasons!

Now is the time to get out there and experience what winter camping in California has to offer! Stay warm, stay safe and stay camping in California!

Harvey & Casino Resort in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, especially the Nevada country, has really interesting architecture. He's trying to recreate the Las Vegas experience within half a mile. Tall hotel towers, bright lights, glitter and gamblers. The Harvey & Casino Resort is right on the California border, so many people cross the ghostly side of California (just across the street) to try their luck. We stayed in Harvey in mid-May ….

Our room had spectacular views. Lake Tahoe in all its splendor with the surrounding forests and snow-capped mountains. I kept staring at this wonderland … The hotel room was decent. Clean and humble. However, moving through the hotel did not give me Lake Tahoe experience at all. The air in the resort was very smoky. Everything had a focus on gambling. With all this wonderful nature around us, we were completely isolated from it.

The staff was pleasant. The hotel was a bit dated, though they seemed to make the most of what they had. We didn't try any restaurants here.

The focus of the whole trip included far from all urban areas. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and offers so many activities that once you are here the last thing I would recommend is hanging out around your hotel and inhaling cigarette smoke. On our next visit, we will probably stay on the California side at a smaller hotel / motel.

Harveys Lake Tahoe

PO Box 128

Stateline, NV 89449

Phone: 775-588-2411

Wine tours of San Diego offer a taste of California's southern coast

San Diego is a beautiful place to go with many sightseeing and many sightseeing activities and attractions to fill your days with exploring. In fact, when you visit it, it always seems that there is simply not enough time to enjoy all that the city has to offer. There is something to enjoy – great food, fantastic nightlife and great music. But there is something else that makes San Diego famous and that would be "the fruit of the vine." Believe it or not, I'm talking about vines!

Although many travelers usually think of the north or central coast of California when they think of wine, San Diego is home to more than 20 wineries found throughout the county. It will take a long time for the typical wine lover to see them. There are more than a hundred different award-winning wines to choose from, and at least for binders, they are all memorable. With so many wineries, most visitors find that the walk not only facilitates the transition from vine to vine, but also allows people to taste many premium wines on the road without the responsibility of driving.

Some of San Diego's wine tours even take guests through the Temecuela Valley (also known as the "first-class wine country") in a luxury limo. This is an exciting way to spend the day exploring the vineyards that have made San Diego a leading competitor for the heart of wine lovers everywhere. Tour guides are very friendly and know the many wines available that San Diego has to offer. Most drivers are also very familiar with the location of each winery and what type of wine they specialize in. Even so, travelers will enjoy talking directly with sommeliers anywhere to get the true behind-the-scenes story of any vintage.

In addition to the limo, tourists can choose from a variety of unusual modes of transport, such as a hummer or a party bus. Bus charters are also available for those on a budget or who do not want to spend so much on their wine tour. Most tours will take about four hours, so there will still be plenty of time to immerse yourself in San Diego nightlife when you return from your day trip.